Flexible Solutions Based On a Modular System

Performance Spectrum

The CRISADVICE modular system allows customized help and a gradual approach on individual consultation, completed projects as well as on continuous support and ad hoc consultation.

Not only do we offer complete packages for small and medium-sized firms but we also provide additional and selective services for large companies or international corporations. You choose and pay the service according to the needs, which your company actually has.

We support managers whose daily tasks do not allow much scope for additional responsibilities during a crisis. Good ways to approach the taboo topic of a crisis and to learn about instant reactions in the case of an outbreak of a crisis are our seminars and training sessions.

Crisadvice - No Commodity Products. We Are the Couturiers of Crisis Management.

ADVICE PARTNERS is Member of the International Crisis Task Force of
ECCO International Public Relations Ltd.

Modules of Crisis Communication