The building blocks of financial communications


At Finance Advice, we offer a multitude of advisory and support services to our customers, as elucidated below:

  • Offer strategic advice to board members and senior management, with emphasis on communicative messages and how to frame them
  • Conduct perception studies of relevant target groups
  • Analyze, conceive, or improve equity stories and other corporate presentations
  • Draft the concept and textual material for all relevant publications (annual & quarterly reports, company profiles online/offline, presentations, ad hoc general press releases), manage the project, disseminate publications as appropriate
  • Build up and cultivate contacts with the financial & business media, organize press conferences, interviews, workshops for the press, and background meetings
  • Manage topics, develop & position press-relevant issues
  • Prepare analyst conferences, road shows and one-on-one meetings with investors and analysts
  • Draw up Q&A sets
  • Conduct communications training sessions for board members and senior management
  • Write speeches for the AGM and other functions
  • Prepare crisis plans for investor relations and provide support in case of a crisis
  • Monitor the social media; prepare company’s social media activities, as appropriate
  • Serve as the corporate spokesperson

FINANCE ADVICE – for comprehensive assistance & guidance, by issue or package.